Tuesday, January 17, 2012

#30days 1st: My Manifesto as a Teacher

technically, I'm a tutor but who cares about this detail? ^^


Shelly Terrell said...

Hello Leilita!

I really love your drawings and your "me manifesto" as a teacher. I will be sharing this on our Google Plus page, http://gplus.to/30goals and our FB, http://facebook.com/30goals! I think the candle is a great symbol for passion and even creating the image that the teacher helps lights the path.

Leilita Foxie Monica said...

Hi Shelly!

Thank you for a nice comment and for sharing my drawing:)

Lisa Dabbs said...

Hello Leilita,
My 20 yr old son is an artist and I totally love your work!
How creative of you to do your ME Manifesto in visual/artistic form.
Best to you on our #30Goals journey together. :)

angelesb said...

Love your manifesto!!! The idea is so clear and easy to understand!!! Thanks for sharing :-)